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Details - Learning Disability

Chapter 1: Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Prevention 
1.1 Epidemiology
1.2 Risk Factors
1.3 Prevention
Chapter 2:Communication
2.1 Communication in Children
2.2 Communication in Adults and Children
Chapter 3:Epidemiology of Psychiatric Illness in Adults with Intellectual Disability
3.1 Psychiatric Illness
3.2 Psychiatric Illness in Elderly People
3.3 Association of Psychiatric Illness with Other Disorders
3.4 Prevalence of Specific Psychiatric Illnesses in Adults with Intellectual Disability
3.5 Services for people with Psychiatric Illness and Intellectual Disability


Chapter 4: Behavioural Disturbance
4.1 Background
4.2 Assessment of Behavioural Disturbance
4.3 Behavioural Treatments
4.4 Skills teaching
4.5 Relaxation
4.6 The Snoezelen environment
4.7 Psychotherapy
4.8 Cognitive Therapy
Chapter 5: Drug Therapy
5.1 Behavioural Disturbance
5.2 Self-Injurious Behaviour
5.3 Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Chapter 6: Forensic Problems and Offending


Chapter 7: Medical Conditions in People with Intellectual Disability
7.1 Medical Conditions - General
7.2 Hypothyroidism
7.3 Epilepsy
Chapter 8: Dementia in Down Syndrome
8.1 Backgrounf
8.2 Assessment
Chapter 9: Staff Training
Chapter 10: Carers and Caring
10.1 Epidemiology and Background
10.2 Gain and Strain in Caregiving
10.3 Support and Respite Care
10.4 Carers Entitlements


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