Project Methodology 5

Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales (logo)


Aims and objectives

Part I: Methodology

Stage 1 Defining the task
Stage 2 Searching for information
Stage 3 Grading the evidence
Stage 4 Critical Appraisal Review
Stage 5 Internal Review
Stage 6 External review
Stage 7 Disseminating the Bulletins
Part II: Appendices
1. Checklist of information sources
2. Some search strategies used in the Project
3. Type of evidence classification
4. Evidence form
5. A systematic review
6. A randomised controlled trial
7. Another interventional study (eg before-and-after design)
8. An observational study (eg cohort, case-control)
9. Additional questions for a qualitative study
10. An economic analysis (cost effective analysis)
11. AGREE Appraisal tool for guidelines, web-site link
12. Bulletin format
13. Quick reference sheet for critical appraisal teams

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