Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales
Director of Public Health (with responsibility for the Respiratory Diseases Bulletin):
Dr E Coyle, Gwent Health Authority
Team Leader:
Dr M. Burr, Senior Lecturer in Applied Public Health Medicine, Bro Taf Health Authority
Members of the Internal Review Group: Respiratory Diseases Bulletin
Dr I Campbell Consultant in Respiratory Diseases, Llandough Hospital
Dr E Coyle  Director of Public Health, Gwent Health Authority
Dr P Edwards  General Practitioner, Ely Bridge Surgery, Cardiff
Dr I Hodges  Consultant in Paediatrics, East Glamorgan General Hospital
Mr M Mitchell  Principal Pharmacist, Llandough Hospital
Mrs Y Payne  Nurse Lecturer/Practitioner in Respiratory Medicine, Llandough Hospital
Members of the External Review Group: Respiratory Diseases Bulletin
Dr AJ Frew,  Senior Lecturer in Medcine, University of Southampton
Professor GJ Gibson, Consultant Physician and Professor of Respirtory Medicine, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Professor ST Holgate,  MRC Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology, Universty of Southampton

Project Director:

Dr NF Phin, Director of Public Health, Dyfed Powys Heath Authority (Formerly Dr RWJ Smith, Senior Medical Offier, Welsh Office)

Information Manager:

Dr AL Weightman (Formerly Mrs Jacqueline Barker, Clinical Effectiveness Support Unit)

Information Assistant:

Mrs Mala Mann

Internet Advisor:

Miss Anna Donough

Director of Information Services:

Mr J Lancaster
Duthie Library, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff

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